Gospel Movie “Awakening”

Lu Xiu’en was a preacher of a house church in China. Believing the rumors and notions spread by the pastor, she insisted that man’s sins had been forgiven by the precious blood of the Lord Jesus, that man was saved by faith and didn’t need to receive any other salvation. As a result, she resisted and rejected Almighty God’s gospel in the last days many times….

Praise Songs | Gospel Music “Chinese Choir 2nd Performance”

Almighty God, brimming with glory, has quietly arrived among a group of people He will save, and personally carries out the work of the Age of Kingdom. In order to save man from the domain of Satan completely, God has expressed millions of words to supply the life of man, judge man’s rebellion and chastise man’s unrighteousness, and show man ways of practice. God’s love for man is not possessed by any created being.

Gospel Movie “Mission of Love”

Li Mo believed in Jesus from childhood. When she was 16, she became a coworker of the house church and worked for the Lord zealously. However, the dissension in the church escalated and the believers’ faith and love became cold increasingly.