Praise Songs | Gospel Music “Chinese Choir 2nd Performance”

Almighty God, brimming with glory, has quietly arrived among a group of people He will save, and personally carries out the work of the Age of Kingdom. In order to save man from the domain of Satan completely, God has expressed millions of words to supply the life of man, judge man’s rebellion and chastise man’s unrighteousness, and show man ways of practice. God’s love for man is not possessed by any created being.

The Kingdom | Enthusiasm Music “Chinese Choir Episode 1”

The people of God, filled with joy, declare to the entire universe with high and resonant singing: The Lord Jesus has already returned, and He is Almighty God, Christ of the last days. He comes to earth to reign and rule, lead and shepherd the people of God, so that all people can hear His voice and behold His deeds personally.